About Us

Committed to Facilitate
Learning Effectively

We are a team of ACTA certified trainers who are experienced in conducting in-house Business Chinese courses which are customized to the needs of the Business, Legal, Banking and Finance professionals. 

Since 2010, we have been helping our clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in doing business with Chinese counterparts. Our trainers have been working with many other established professional institutions in both training and translation for over 6 years. Some of our clients include international auditing giants, well-known Swiss & British banks, Singaporean statutory boards, British insurance MNC and law firms.

Why Us?

Bilingual Industry Knowledge

Our experienced trainers are professionally bilingual with relevant industry knowledge. In our 12 years of training, we have been conducting courses and workshops for various financial institutions, auditing giants and law firms.


Customized Training

We customize the courses and workshops according to our clients’ learning objectives. So far, we have received many positive words of encouragement and appreciation from our clients for meeting their unique learning objectives.


Focused on Eliciting Performance than Learners

We take pride in our ability to facilitate learning effectively and making learning enjoyable and engaging. Most importantly, we make sure that learners go through every learning stage in Bloom’s Taxonomy until learners are able to create their own output.

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